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Handles stairs with curves and angles with a slimmer design, smooth ride and whisper quiet.

The narrowest on the market with a greaseless track. (click on the picture for to view demo video)

Engineered with marine grade vinyl seating, internal chassis, and large weatherproof cover.

  • Battery powered with continuous charging from a 110v outlet
  • Swivel seat for safe transfer at the top of the stairs, safety sensors will stop the lift if it meets an obstruction.
  • Rack and worm drive/pinion for long smooth-running lift life
  • Overspeed governor to protect you against gearbox failure.  Important as an airbag in your car!
  • Ask about folded dimensions, any lift more than 13" from the wall when folded is difficult for others to use the stairs.
  • Made in America backed by Harmar's manufacturers warranty and installed by certified dealer.

**Harmar has  other models available to meet your needs*

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